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Moving Abroad for a Year

If adventure is calling and you decided to answer, it is time to learn how to have less and live more. Making the decision to go abroad for a year is huge and exciting all at the same time. This process requires a strict moving checklist and much preparation in packing. Packing for a year abroad, whether it is for work, study exchange or just travel, will teach you some packing skills you never thought of before. Here are some tips to get you started.-    Ask yourself some basic questions before you go and do plenty of online research. Will there be good public transport systems or will you need to buy a care? What is average cost of rent per month? Will you live in a share house or your own apartment? What is the weather and climate like? -    Sort out paperwork well in advance before you go. Contact you home bank, superannuation fund, tax office, health insurance, doctors etc and let them know you will be moving abroad. -    Make a list and make sure you consult it during the packing process. You will be having a million thoughts during this time so write them all down and check it regularly so that you don’t miss anything.    -    Get a check-up at the doctors to make sure you are in a good state of health and wellbeing. This will help you avoid any unnecessary doctor’s visits while abroad. Nonetheless, ensure you have adequate travel insurance before going in case anything does arise.-    Consider furniture removals and storage solutions for items you will be leaving behind. Contact storage companies and get quotes on long term storage for furniture and items in boxes. Ask around your family, friends and neighbours for recommendations.-    Sell or ship your possessions if you choose not to store them. Look into the costs of shipping freight and make firm decisions about what you feel is necessary to take or what can afford to be sold. Keep in mind that selling something back home will provide you with money by something in your new country. -    Network and socialise before you get there. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, communicating with people in different countries is much easier. Use this to create a social network, ask for advice, and get local tips and tricks on how to make your move easier. Having some form of a social base already established prior to the move will make you feel much more comfortable once you are there.-    Get active in the community. If you make the decision to move somewhere, embrace the local culture and lifestyle and really integrate yourself into it. Don’t hide away. Rather, talk to the cashiers at the supermarket and join a local gym or community class. Don’t let any opportunity to meet new people and make new friends pass you by.-    Consider finances both in your home country and new country. Make sure you have enough to live off before finding work. Look into how taxes will work in your new country when you start earning money. Consult an accountant to see how this will affect the taxes of your home country as well. Make sure you bank knows you will be abroad and being paid in foreign currencies to avoid suspicions. Lastly on an important note, ensure you take the time to mentally and emotionally prepare for moving abroad. Say goodbye to everybody properly and listen to their words of advice and support for your decision to move abroad. Leaving doesn’t mean permanent goodbyes, rather just temporary ones. Allow those close to you to be part of your final weeks in your home country and encourage them to follow your adventures abroad.