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Tips For Packing Up Your Dining Room or Study

Each room in your home needs expert attention when preparing for a house move and your dining room is no different. With its array of dining tables, chairs, piano’s or computer-based items, your dining room can be real challenge to pack up. That is why it is essential that you take extra care when packing up your belongings, using either a professional removals firm or a lot of personal care and attention. Below are some of the common items which you may need to move and how to get them to your new home in one piece. Dining Table & ChairsWhen packing up a room it is sometimes best to start with the biggest items so that you have extra room to spread out when you’re organising the little bits and pieces. In most cases, the biggest item is also the most obvious one and in this room it tends to be the dining table and chairs. Depending on its size and construction, it may be possible for you to remove the legs and to save yourself some much needed room on the removal van. If you can, make sure that you put the relative screws and nuts in a safe place and label them clearly for when you get to the other side; taping them to the underside of the table can help to keep them safe. If the table cannot be disassembled, then make sure that the table legs are well-protected at all times and that they are not under any undue pressure during the move. Sharp table edges should also be protected by removal pads and other packing materials to keep them safe from chips or scratches. PianosA piano is a very delicate item which should ideally be moved by professional piano movers or expert removal firms. If you can’t afford to shell out for this, then getting help from friends and family is key. Before you start, the piano should be well-wrapped with suitable packaging material and the lid should be firmly shut and secured to stay in place. Then, with the help of others, it should be carried slowly, step-by-step to the removals van. If you have a trolley then it may be safer to move it with this, as pianos can be extremely heavy and difficult to lift. Computers & PrintersIf you use your dining room as a study then you may also have a number of electrical items which you need to move. Printers and scanners should be carefully boxed and secured with additional packing fillers as required. Computers, laptops and screens should then be packaged with suitable protective material to prevent dust or dirt from entering filters or to stop screens from getting scratched. Any leads should also be placed in the same box as the relative item where there is room, or clearly labelled in another box as required. Decorative ItemsIf you have paintings, vases or other decorative items in your dining room then these should also be properly packed and not left to the last minute. Too often, once the large items are taken care of people lose interest with the smaller items and pack them quickly into one box. However, if you want your much-loved photos, paintings, or ornaments to make it in one piece, packing them in protective wrapping is sure to help. Corner edges, bubble wrap and box fillers are all great to use, as are parcel wrap and professional pads. If that’s not enough then there are professional man and van services who can help you pack on moving day, saving you from any unwanted removal delays.